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At Discount Plumbing SD LLC, we work on all types of drains. Our goal is to ensure that every resident and business in this region is accessing fast, quality, and reliable drain cleaning services. That’s why we offer amazing discounts and free estimates on all drain cleaning services. Call us at (619) 732-7575 for immediate services.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

We have diversified our drain cleaning services to address all plumbing needs in San Diego. We work on all types of drains, including sinks drains, shower drains, storm drains, toilets and bathtub drains. Whether it is an emergency drain cleaning or regular drain maintenance, contact us, and we will respond immediately. We have the expertise, experience, and tools to handle all kinds of drain cleaning tasks. 

Signs that Your Drain Needs Cleaning

Don’t wait until your drain has completely blocked. Some signs can help you identify potential drain problems and fix them before things get worse. Be on the lookout for these signs:

The unusual smell coming from the drains

Drains running slower than usual

Toilet not flushing proper

Standing water

Toilet overflowing

Gurgling drains/ strange noises

Toilets taking longer to refill

Bubbles in the Sink

Flooding of surface water

Water flooding in the basement.

How We Clean Your Drains

We have one of the most effective drain cleaning processes in this region. When we arrive at your property, this is how we tackle blocked or slow drain:

Assess the condition. We will give you honest advice on the best solution and quote the price.

For the small drain pipes such as sinks, toilets, shower, and tubs, we use hand held auger and chemicals.  

But for large drains such as the sewer line, storm drain, and stubborn clogs, we use camera inspection to identify what the blockage is and the exact location. We have hi-tech drain cameras that can travel through the twists and turns of your drains and transmit real-time video footage. We will also share the video footage with you.

Depending on the blockage and the location; we will use the best methods to remove the blockage. Drain snaking is always the method unless it’s a severe clog.

For severe blockages, we have hydro jetting. For this method, we use jets of high-pressure water to clean the drain pipe. It is one of the safest and most efficient methods for cleaning drain pipes

We will then perform a video pipe inspection to ensure that the drain is clean and clear.

For all your drain cleaning in San Diego and surrounding areas, contact Discount Plumbing SD LLC at (619) 732-7575 for professional services. We offer quality, reliable, and affordable drain cleaning services. Call us now for free estimates!


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