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Have your drain or sewer line been experiencing frequent backups, or blockages? Have you been frustrated by severe clogs that won’t move no matter how hard you try? You need hydro jetting, a highly effective drain and sewer cleaning method.

At Discount Plumbing SD LLC, we are hydro-jetting services specialists serving the residents of San Diego and the surrounding areas, including North Park, Chula Vista, Clairemont, and Miramar. We provide hydro-jetting services to both the residential and commercial customers in this city and its environs.

Our goal is to offer fast, honest, and affordable services. We offer free estimates, charge a flat rate, and plumbing financing. With over 10 years of industrial experience in hydro jetting, expect nothing but professional services from Discount Plumbing SD LLC.

How Hydrojetting Works

Hydro jetting is one of the most effective and inexpensive methods for cleaning drains and sewer lines. It removes even the most stubborn clogs in your drain or sewer pipes. Unlike the snaking method where you are likely to cause damages, hydro jetting provides one of the safest ways to clean your lines, no matter how stubborn the blockage may.

As the name suggests, hydro jetting uses pressured water to remove all kinds of clogs in the drains and sewer pipes. With this method, a hose that can withstand high pressure is connected to specialized equipment. The other end of the hose, which has an industrial-strength nozzle, is inserted in the pipe. The special equipment will pump the water (hot water) through the pipe, and produce powerful jets of up to 7,000 psi. With a blast of hot water, we will clean out everything that is blocking your pipes, including grease and grime, and flush the line.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting offers numerous advantages compared to most of the alternative drain and sewer pipe cleaning methods. The method is second to none when it comes to removing stubborn clogs. Some of the benefits include:


This is the cheapest pipe cleaning method. It will cost you less to clean the pipes and also take longer to the next cleaning. Therefore, you will be saving money by just choosing hydro jetting

Preventative measures

Hydro jetting also works as a preventative measure. Once we have performed a thorough hydro jetting, you can be sure that your entire system will be free from clogs in the future.

Total Clog Remove

Unlike snaking that removes on solid clogs and not grease and grime, hydro jetting removes all clogs in the pipe including grease and grime.

Zero Damages

If not properly used or use it to clean deteriorating pipes, snaking can cause damages to the line, but with hydro jetting, the possibility of pipe damages is zero because it’s just water.

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