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Nothing can be more frustrating to a homeowner or business person than having a blocked or backing up sewer line. It will not only cause inconveniences but also disruptions in your operations. To avoid being caught up in such situations, you need professional, reliable, and affordable plumber in San Diego. That’s what we are offering.

At Discount Plumbing SD LLC, we are plumbing specialists serving the residents of San Diego and the surrounding areas, including Miramar, North Park, Clairemont, and Chula Vista. Our aim is to provide fast, reliable, and affordable sewer line repair and replacement services to the residents of San Diego.

What are the Causes of Sewer Line Damages?

In our line of duty, one of the major things we look out for is the cause of the damages. If you don’t fix the cause, then you can never get rid of the plumbing problem. There are several factors that cause damages to the sewer line, and they include:

Tree roots entering the sewer line

Cracks and holes due to aging

Regular ground freezes

Loose joints allowing silt into the pipe

Chemicals that corrode sewer pipes making them weak

The buildup of grease, toilet paper, sludge, debris, etc.

Signs of a Damaged Sewer Line 

You don’t have to wait until the sewer line is damaged to seek plumbing services. It becomes expensive to fix and a lot of damages, which could have been prevented. There are signs that indicate your sewer line needs repair/replacement, and they include:

Sewage backup in the toilet

Frequent clogging

Sewer odor

Sewage backups

Slow drain

Waste Water Pools

Strange gurgling noises from the toilet

Greener grass around the sewer pipe.

How We Tackle Your Sewer Line Repair and Replacement 

We have an elaborate sewer line repair and replacement process that enables us to deliver fast, reliable, and affordable services. Here are ways that we tackle a damaged sewer line.

The first thing we do when we arrive at your property is to assess the situation and condition of the sewer line. So, we will start with a video camera inspection to help us identify the problem and the exact location. If it is a crack, clog, or detached joint, the video footage will provide this information.

For the cracks, holes, and detached joints, they must be repaired. We will dig up the affected part of the pipe and repair it. If the cracks and holes along the line are too many, then pipelining would be the best way to repair your sewer line.

In cases when repairs cannot fix the sewer line, our team will also provide full replacement services. We highly recommend the use of PEX pipes for sewer line replacement. As a PEX certified plumbers in San Diego, we will work diligently to deliver beyond your expectations.

If you are looking for trusted, reliable sewer line repair and replacement services in San Diego and surrounding areas, Contact Discount Plumbing SD LLC at (619) 732-7575. Our team can work on all types of sewer pipes, including PEX, copper, clays, and concrete, among others. Call us now, and we will respond immediately.


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