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Reliable, Trusted, and Inexpensive Water Leak Detection & Repairs in San Diego.

Water leaks can be destructive when left unattended for long. Unfortunately, most of the time, these leaks are not obvious and can remain hidden under the floor or behind walls, hence causing massive structural property damages and growth of hazardous mold, but with Discount Plumbing SD LLC, we will make all your water leak problems in San Diego disappear.

At Discount Plumbing SD LLC, we are water leak detection and repairs specialists serving residential and commercial customers in San Diego and the surrounding areas such as North Park, Chula Vista, Clairemont, and Miramar.

Our goal is to ensure that your plumbing system is functioning normally by detecting and fixing all water leaks. We handle all types of water leaks detection, including the major ones, such as excessive water pressure, which can lead to flooding.

We boast with decades of experience in detecting water leaks. As an OSHA certified company, expect nothing but the best from us. Therefore, by hiring us, you can be assured that specialists are working to resolve the problem.

Common Signs You Have Water Leaks

In most cases, it can be difficult to spot water leaks, and when you do, the damage is usually too huge. Fortunately, there are signs that show you could be having a water leak(s). If you notice any of these signs in San Diego, contact us at 619-777-7575 for immediate water leak detection and repair services:

Unexplainable high water bills

Water pooling in the yard or along the water pipe

Mold growth on the basement, walls, bathroom and so on

Corrosion on your plumbing fixture

Water stain and discoloration on walls and ceiling

Damp spot on the flooring

Musty and mildew odors.

How We Detect and Repair Water Leaks

We understand that even a minor leak can cause serious damages to the property. That’s why we have invested in the best technology and advanced equipment to help detect even the smallest leaks. We use an electronic leak detector to identify minor leaks behind the wall and in the slab. It is a non-invasive method that offers convenience and zero damages.

Once the leak is detected, our team will advise on the most effective way to fix it. Sometime, the sections of the wall or slab where water is leaking may need to be opened. It may be an invasive procedure, but it may be the only solution to stop the leak permanently.

After fixing the leak, they will run another test to ensure that the problem has been fixed. They will also provide expert advice on how to prevent the problem, depending on what caused it. If the leak was caused by high water pressure, we recommend the installation of a pressure regulator. In cases where hard water was the problem, we advise the installation of a water softener.

For professional, affordable, and expert water leak detection and repair in San Diego, call Discount Plumbing SD LLC at 619-777-7575. We will address the problem immediately to help minimize the damages on your property.


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