Trusted, Reliable Pipelining (Trenchless Technology) in the San Diego Area.

When your sewer line approaches its lifespan, it starts to develop holes, breakages, and loose joints, thereby, making it inefficient. The best solution to such a sewer line is pipelining. The residential and business owners of San Diego can trust Discount Plumbing SD LLC specialists for pipelining solutions.

We have a highly trained and experienced team that will ensure that your sewer line functionality is restored without damaging your yard. We have invested in advanced tools and equipment, such as sewer cameras, to provide quick and professional pipelining services.

What is Pipelining? 

Pipelining is a trenchless or no digging solution for a deteriorating sewer line. With this technology, you can improve the functionality of an old sewer line using an epoxy coat on the inside of the pipe. The coating will seal the holes, broken parts as well as loose joints along the line. 

However, the technique only works when there is enough pipe for the epoxy resin layer to hold on to. The good thing is that pipelining works for almost all types of pipes, including DWV, cast iron, and clay. 

Why Is Pipelining Good For You?

One of the reasons why Discount Plumbing SD LLC recommends that home and business owners to consider pipelining is to help extend the sewer line lifespan. With an expected lifespan of 50- years, this service is worth every cent you spend. Other reasons why you should use this trenchless method to fix your dilapidated sewer line include:

Budget-friendly- it will cost just a fraction of what you could have used, if you had to choose excavating your sewer line. 

Less Disruption- The time taken to pipeline and restore the sewer line is just a fraction of what excavation.

Superior to PVC and Cast Iron- Epoxy coating offers a lifespan of about 50 years.

No landscaping repairs- The method does not tamper with your landscaping.

How Do We Run Our Pipelining?

We have one of the most effective expert processes for performing sewer pipe relining services. Here is what we will do:

 Sewer camera inspection- When we arrive at your property, our pipelining specialist will do a sewer camera inspection, and the video inspection will show us the damage on the pipe. We will provide honest advice on whether the sewer pipe can be relined or not. 

 Water jetting- if the sewer pipe can be relined, we will clear it using the hydro jetting method.

Second sewer camera inspection- we will perform another video inspection to find out if there is any build-up remaining in the pipe

Insert Liner- we will use specialized tools to run the liner and resin down the old sewer pipe.

Inflate the liner- we will use a special compressor to inflate and cure the pipeline. With the pipe cured, our work is done. We will clean up the place and leave.

If your sewer line is decades old, or is deteriorating in San Diego and its surrounding areas, contact Discount Plumbing SD LLC at (619) 732-7575 for affordable pipelining services. Call us now to schedule an appointment!


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