Water Heaters 

Water Heaters are an essential component to your home. When your hot water runs out, or you experience leaks, you need a specialist to help. If left alone, water heater problems can lead to costly water damage and increase repair costs. Minor leaks from water connections or faulty heating elements can typically be repaired. However, if the tank itself has burst or is leaking, it will need to be replaced. Even if they are not actively leaking, replacing older and inefficient water heaters can also help to reduce utility bills and prevent flooding risks. If your water heater is nearing its warranty period, contact our team for an inspection and free estimate. If you are in need of water heater repairs or if it’s time to upgrade your current system, Discount Plumbing is at your service. Our San Diego water heater technicians are committed to giving you the most competitive price as well as helping you select the most appropriate equipment for your family’s lifestyle or business.

Tankless Water Heaters 

Tankless water heaters are designed to heat water as you need it, which means that everyone in your family will be able to use hot water at any time and on-demand. Unlike traditional tank storage water heaters, tankless systems do not hold water, which also makes them incredibly energy efficient. Cold water flows into the heater and is instantly heated by copper and brass waterways known as exchangers. The result is endless hot water. The hot water temperature is set by you and will always remain the same, which should eliminate any incidences of burns or scalding water. Once hot water taps are closed, the tankless water heaters shut down until it is needed again. Tankless systems can be installed on the interior or exterior of the home, are small and compact providing space-saving opportunities and last much longer than traditional water heaters. Because water is not actually stored in a tanked heater, mineral build-up does not occur. This enables a tankless water heater to perform at the highest level for upwards of 25 years or more. We install only the highest quality tankless water heaters in San Diego and are dedicated to exceptional customer service.

Drain Cleaning 

Clogged drains are inconvenient, but they can also lead to larger issues. While it may be tempting to use a home remedy or liquid drain cleaner, we recommend having a professional assess the drain to determine the best repair. Home remedies, liquid drain cleaners, and even plungers, can do more harm than good. Liquid drain products contain corrosive chemicals that can damage pipes over time, and plungers should be used with caution. Using them with too much force can cause toilet seals to break and lead to leaks. Professional drain cleaning is safe and effective, plus our methods can restore your drain flow fast. Our drain cleaning in San Diego is fast and effective; we can clear food from kitchens, hair and soap buildup in tubs and showers, and tackle even the toughest main sewer clogs. We use professional-grade equipment and specialized machines to thoroughly clean your drains with a full warranty leaving you with peace of mind.

Hydro Jetting 

For severe drain blockages, hard scale buildup, and root intrusion, you need a more aggressive drain cleaning approach. Hydro jetting uses high-pressure streams of water and a specialty nozzle that moves in a forward and reverse direction to clean the entire pipe. It clears severely clogged pipes, including mineral and rust build up, soap scum and even tree roots. Hydro jetting provides a 360 degree clean that lasts, solving frequent drain problems once and for all by using only water and pressure, and without dangerous, corrosive, harmful chemicals.

Common clogs can occur from grease, fatty substances, soap, and debris over time, but may also be the result of tree roots that have infiltrated the pipes. No matter what type of debris is causing the blockage of your plumbing and sewer pipes, we can get it cleared easily and safely with our san Diego hydro jetting solutions. Our prices are consistent, fair and ethical. We also provide you with the opportunity to approve all work, and costs, in advance. We are committed to the highest quality work and customer care, and will never surprise our customers with additional costs.

Sewer Repair, Including Trenchless Solutions 

When your sewer line is damaged, it can cause constant problems and untold frustration. You need a specialist to respond fast and offer real solutions. Our San Diego sewer repair specialists are available Monday through Sunday to take care of residential and commercial sewer service needs. We offer multiple repair options, including trenchless sewer line repair and replacement. With trenchless technology, we can rehabilitate sewer lines with small holes or cracks, insert a brand-new pipe without major digging, and even make small section repairs to save you money. We can help our customers avoid costly dig-ups and trenching, and even repair broken sewer lines underneath the home’s foundation or concrete. If you are experiencing frequent backups or suspect roots have damaged your pipe, our team will perform a sewer camera inspection to pinpoint the issue and provide the ideal repair for your property needs and budget.

Residential Plumbing  

Discount Plumbing San Diego offers residential plumbing for all minor and major issues you might face in your home. We will assess common problems, such as leaking and running toilets, loose faucets, leaking water heaters, gas leaks, and more. We offer customized solutions to suit your needs and budget. One of the leading causes of plumbing leaks is excessive water pressure and age. We can determine if you are experiencing frequent leaks that can be prevented while making a fast and professional repair. We are licensed and insured, pay close attention to detail, and are committed to helping provide high quality and long term solutions. With convenient scheduling Monday through Sunday 7am to 7pm, we can help you around your busy schedule. From minor to major drain clogs, unknown water leaks, gas line repairs, new plumbing fixture installations and water heaters to major sewer line repairs, Discount Plumbing San Diego can do it all. We offer 100 percent customer satisfaction guaranteed and free estimates.

Gas Line Repairs

Natural gas is one of the most common and affordable forms of energy to residential consumers. Although relatively safe and very efficient, consumers of natural gas should be aware of possible hazards to better protect their homes and families. Gas line leakage is rare, but can be extremely dangerous. Natural gas buildup in an enclosed area can cause illness or even an explosion. Gas pipe leaks can also happen outside the home and are equally as dangerous. Before doing any job that requires digging outdoors, homeowners should call their local utility company to identify and mark the gas lines before digging begins. Because natural gas is odorless, utility services add an element to make leaks easily detectable. A sulfur or “rotten egg” odor is one of the signs you may have a leak. Hissing sounds, dying vegetation, bubbling pools of water in your yard are also signs of a leak. If you suspect a gas leak:

Do Not Use Your Cell Phone Until Safely Out Of The House
Shut Off Gas Valves At Your Home
Do Not Turn On Or Off Any Electrical Appliances
Do Not Smoke Or Use Any Open Flame
Do Not Attempt To Locate The Leak
Get A Safe Distance Away From The House And Then Call 911 And The Utility Company

If a natural gas line is damaged when digging outside, call your local utility company immediately. Do not attempt a gas line repair on your own. Our San Diego gas repair specialists are trained and certified to locate and repair gas leaks safely and to uniform plumbing code. We will work with you through final city inspection to ensure you and your family’s safety.

Toilets, Faucets, Sinks and More

Discount Plumbing San Diego specializes in all minor and major plumbing repairs, including toilets, faucets, garbage disposals and more. With convenient scheduling Monday through Sunday, we can make repairs to leaking toilets, replace loose faucets, and install new garbage disposals. We offer free estimates and provide the best warranties and products available. Leaving minor problems alone can cause more damage, such as flooding, structural issues, and hazardous mold growth. Our team can help you address water pressure issues in faucets, or upgrade to new plumbing fixtures. If you have an old and clogged showerhead, we can help make it like new again or install a brand-new showerhead without sacrificing water pressure. From toilet leaks to garbage disposals we can help service, repair or install any plumbing fixture in your home. We perform services to the highest standard and are committed to exceptional customer care while protecting your home. Our commitment is always to our customers, which is why we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. 

Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewer camera inspections are useful in identifying underlying issues causing frequent sewer backups, such as broken or damaged pipes and root intrusion. We also recommend performing a sewer camera inspection to your area, or landscaping, drains prior to the rainy season, as well as before purchasing a new home so you can be informed of any potential issues you might face. If during routine drain snaking, our team encounters a blocked spot in the line, or we pull back roots or heavy sludge and grease, our inspection will pinpoint the exact issue allowing our team to perform the best repair for your needs and budget. Once we have identified the cause of blockages or damaged materials, we will walk you through all repair options. Our team is trained in all sewer line repair solutions, including trenchless options to save you from costly excavation. With an in-depth sewer camera inspection, our San Diego team will be able to restore your services fast.

Water Leak Detection & Repairs

You can trust our team of water leak detection and repair experts in San Diego. We have more than 20 years of experience solving even the trickiest water leaks. Signs you may have a water leak include: a spike in water bills, warm or damp spots on the floor, mold or mildew smells, discoloration on ceilings, and sounds of water running when none is in use. If you suspect a leak, we can perform non-invasive leak detection and determine the exact cause and location. Once we pinpoint the leak, we will provide professional repairs to the highest standard. We can make direct repairs on slab leaks, leaks behind walls and ceilings, and even exterior water leaks. If the water system is damaged, we can also provide an estimate for partial or whole home re-piping. We deliver unmatched quality and 100 percent customer satisfaction guaranteed. We repair and install all types of water supply lines from copper to PEX with the best warranties available. 

For an honest plumbing solution, fair prices, and exceptional customer service, call Discount Plumbing San Diego at 619-777-7575. We offer 100 percent customer satisfaction guaranteed, free estimates and have convenient scheduling available Monday through Sunday.


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