A sump pump is crucial for your basement or crawl space. It collects and channels leaked water outside your home. However, like all machines, sump pumps have a lifespan and will eventually fail after years of use. It’s important to monitor its condition and address issues promptly to prevent further damage. In this post, we’ll discuss common signs of a failing sump pump and what to do for repair or replacement.

7 Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Repair

#1 – Hearing Strange Noises

The initial indication of a failing sump pump is unusual or loud noises. Clanking, grinding, or vibrations when the pump is turned on suggest a possibly failing motor or broken impeller. Contact a professional for an inspection and potentially replacement.

#2 – Age of the Sump Pump

Sump pumps typically last 7-10 years before becoming less reliable. If yours is over a decade old, consider replacing it with a newer, more efficient model, especially if you’ve experienced signs of failure.

#3 – Failure to Drain Water

If the sump pump isn’t draining water from your basement, it’s signaling the need for action. The pump’s role is to eliminate excess water, preventing flooding and damage. However, if it’s malfunctioning, possible causes include clogs, a broken impeller, or a faulty check valve.

#4 – Visible Rust or Corrosion

Sump pumps can get rusty and corroded due to water and moisture, leading to shorter lifespan and premature failure. If you notice signs of rust or corrosion, it’s advisable to have a professional inspect it.

#5 – Constant Running

If your pump runs continuously or for an extended period, it may be overloaded or malfunctioning. This occurs when the float switch is stuck in the “on” position, the check valve malfunctions, or the discharge pipe is incorrectly installed. These issues increase energy consumption and can result in premature failure or flooding.

#6 – Excessive Vibrations

Excessive vibrations from the sump pump or surrounding piping indicate a motor problem. A misaligned motor or worn-out bearing may be the cause. If not addressed promptly, the motor could burn out, resulting in costly repairs or replacement.

#7 – Visible Water Damage

Visible water damage around the sump pump could indicate improper functioning. It may result from a drain pipe clog or a damaged impeller. Seek professional assistance to prevent additional damage.

The Importance of Sump Pump Maintenance: Protect Your Home from Costly Flood Damage

Regularly monitor your sump pump and promptly address any issues. Annual or periodic inspections are crucial to ensure proper functionality. Don’t delay repairs or replacement if damage is detected. Ignoring these problems can lead to costly flood damage in your basement or crawl space. Investing in a functioning sump pump can help avoid expensive home repairs and insurance claims. Contact a professional today for optimal performance.

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